The Little Giant brand specializes in the water transfer market with products including wastewater, sump, sewage, effluent, dewatering, trash, condensate, magnetic drive, and utility pumps; as well as low pressure sewer systems, and water garden pumps and products.



179 LITTLE GIANT LIG016 996072 Condensate Removal Pump

180 LITTLE GIANT LIG017 996454 EC-1-DV and EC-1K-DV Series 

181 LITTLE GIANT LIG018 996491 EC-1 Series 

182 LITTLE GIANT LIG019 996522 EC-1 Series Condensate Removal Pump

183 LITTLE GIANT LIG020 996627 VCMX, VCMA, VCC Condensate Removal Pumps

184 LITTLE GIANT LIG021 996582 EC-1K Series 

185 LITTLE GIANT LIG022 996754 Pit + Plus Premium Simplex Systems

186 LITTLE GIANT LIG023 996194 9SN Series 

187 LITTLE GIANT LIG024 995580 Wastewater Product Catalog 

188 LITTLE GIANT LIG025 995505 HVAC Product Catalog 

189 LITTLE GIANT LIG026 995288 Price Guide USD Pricing

190 LITTLE GIANT LIG027 995468 Water Systems Product Catalog 


Little Giant Pumps – Speedi Duct at AHR 2016

Little Giant Pumps – EC-1-DV at AHR 2016

Little Giant Pumps- IGPH Series Grinder – WEFTEC 2015    

Little Giant Pumps-Pit+Plus – WEFTEC 2015