Established in 2000, Hugh M. Cunningham Companies FireWaterGroup (FWG) offers direct, aggressive representation to the market specific areas of fire protection, pool, water well and AG / turf irrigation for the state of Texas. The FWG also maintains management and oversight for FWG sales in OklahomaGroup, LouisianaGroup, and SandiaGroup. AccountManagers serve Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, El Paso, Texas Panhandle, Shreveport, and the New Orleans area, respectively. FWG sales efforts are supported by a well trained inside sales, customer service, and operation staff of 35. Through their efforts and dedication, our FWG outside AccountManagers are able to be 100% outside, selling and marketing exclusively for our vendors to our Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma friends and customers.

FireWaterGroup – Sales

FireWaterGroup – Sales Support