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Video Library

Below is our complete video library featuring the products and manufacturer’s that we represent. We have also posted links to our manufacturer’s YouTube channels, which have even more great video content.



Our Manufacturers Videos

 AK Industries – YouTube Page

AK Industries Cast Iron Hub Installation Instructions

AK Industries Adapt-A-Flex (AAF) Installation Instructions

AK Industries Flexible Entry Boot Installation

AK Industries How to Install a Septic Tank

AK Industries Ultimate Storm Shelter Installation Instruction Video

AK Industries Storm Shelter DIY Polyethylene Concrete Form

AO Smith – YouTube Page

A.O. Smith- Specifying Engineer Lunch and Learn

A.O. Smith -Installing a NAECA III Insulation Blanket

A.O. Smith Light Service Video

A.O. Smith Tankless: How it Work

A.O. Smith The GreenSky Program: A. O. Smith

A.O. Smith XPERT

A. O. Smith Contractor Locator

A. O. Smith Company History

A. O. Smith Power Vent

A.O. Smith Contractor rewards Learn how you can take advantage of our valuable tools and resources

American Gas Safety – YouTube Page

American Gas Safety

Ames Fire & Waterworks – YouTube Page

Ames Fire & Waterworks Series 400B ½” – 2″ Backflow Preventer Repair

Ames Fire & Waterworks Series 200B ½” – 2″ Backflow Preventer Repair

Ames Fire & Waterworks C400 & C500 8″ – 10″ Backflow Repair

Ames Fire & Waterworks C200 & C300 2.5″ – 6” Backflow Repair

Ames Fire & Waterworks 4000SS & 5000SS 2.5″ – 6″ Ames Fire & Waterworks Backflow Repair

Aqua Bath – YouTube Page

Aqua Bath Manufacturing Facility. Nashville, TN 2014

Aquatechnik – YouTube Page

Aquatechnik, safety system: processing

Aquatechnik – Polyfusion of the fusio-technik system

aquatechnik fusion pipe safety system

aquatechnik fusion pipe history

Armacell – YouTube Page

Armacell Iconic Projects

Armacell ArmWin Professional Insulation Thickness Calculator

Armacell Armaflex Introduction to Installation

Armacell Armaflex Tubes for Bend 90, 45, Segment Bend 90

Armacell Armaflex Tubes for Segment Bend 90 with 2 and 3 Parts

Armacell Armaflex Tubes T-Piece 90, 45

Armacell Armaflex Tubes for Small Valve Applications

Armacell Armaflex Tubes “Y” Fitting Application

Armacell Armaflex Tube/Sheet Pipe Support Application

Armacell Armaflex Tubes for Pipe Reducer

Armacell Armaflex Tubes for Swept “T”

Armacell Armaflex Sheets 2 Part Bend 90

Armacell Armaflex Sheets 2 Part 90 Bend Branch Extension

Armacell Armaflex Sheets for 2 Part Bend 45 Degree Application

Armacell Armaflex Sheets Application for 1 Piece “T”

Armacell Armaflex Sheets for Spindle Neck Valve Application

Armacell Armaflex Sheets Valve Application

Armacell Armaflex Sheets for Flange Applications

Armacell Armaflex Sheets for Pipe Branch 45

Armacell Armaflex Sheets for 1 side Pipe Reducer

Armacell Armaflex Sheets for Strainer Application

Armacell Armaflex Sheets for Coolant Pumps

Armacell Armaflex Sheets for Concentric Reducer

Armacell Armaflex Sheets for Rectangular Duct Wrap

Armacell Armaflex Sheets for Small Tanks

Armacell AP Spiralflex Installation Video

Armstrong Pumps – YouTube Page

Armstong Pumps Design Envelope 4200H Installation

Armstrong Pumps Armstrong Fluid Technology

Armstrong Pumps VIL Seal Change

Armstrong Pumps Manhattan real estate developer testimonial

Armstrong Pumps Seal Bearing Assembly Replacement

Bradley – YouTube Page

Bradley Custom Emergency Fixture Signaling Systems

Bradley How to Use the Bradley Eyewash Test Gauge

Bradley On-Site Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash Maintenance

Bradley S19-921 – Portable Eye Wash Station –

Bradley Halo Eyewash Stations

Bradley S19 224 EW – Halo Eyewash Station w/ Plastic Bowl, Wall Mount

Bradley Washfountain Troubleshooting – Foot Pedal Activation

Bradley Verge with WashBar Technology

Brae – YouTube Page

Brae Rainwater Harvesting Using the BRAE Rainwater Calculator

Charlotte Pipe – YouTube Page

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company, Our Culture and History

Charlotte Pipe Measuring Sound in PVC and Cast Iron DWV Plumbing Systems

Charlotte Pipe How A Plumbing System Works

Charlotte Pipe Plumbing Pressure Test With Air

Cimberio Vavle – YouTube Page

Cimberio Valves Cimberio’s technical – Cim 717 EN – PICV

Cimberio Valves Cimberio’s technical – Cim 777 EN – PICV

Cimberio Valves Cimberio’s technical – Hydraulic balancing of heating system

Cimberio Valves Cimberio’s technical – Improve your meter reading efficiency

Davey – YouTube Page

Davey Pumps Davey Torrium

Davey Pumps Davey Torrium Booster Pumps

Davey Pumps 2016: HM Series Pumps, Davey Water Products

Delta Breez – YouTube Page

Delta Breez – Humidity Sensor Exhaust Fan Review

Delta Breez GreenBuilder: Quiet, Save Energy & Money!

Delta Breez Easy Bath Fan installation: BreezIntergrity and BreezSlim 

Dezurik – YouTube Page

Dezurik/Apco The DeZURIK Difference

DeZurik APCO ASU Air Valve

DeZURIK Valves in Pump Station Applications

Dormont – YouTube Page

Dormont Blue Hose

Dormont SmartSense Excess Flow Valve & Thermal Shutoff

DustFree – YouTube Page

DustFree- The MicroPure Total Home Active Air Purifier

Febco – YouTube Page

Febco 765-1 Repair Kit Febco 765

Febco 765-1 Backflow Repair Instructions and repair kit

Febco 765 Bonnet Wrench

Franklin Electric – YouTube Page

Franklin Electric Fhoton Solar Drive – Modular Assembly & Disassembly

Franklin Electric

Franklin Electric FPS NC Series Non-Clog Pumps

Franklin Electric FPS High Head Grinder

Franklin Electric Groundwater Week 2016 – Franklin Electric’s New Ultra Efficient Submersible Motor

Franklin Control Systems – YouTube Page

Franklin Control Systems Website Tutorial

Franklin Control Systems – P-Series Drive Start Up – HVAC

Franklin Control Systems Tower IQ

Franklin Control Systems ISS with Smartstart

Franklin Control Systems BAS Smartstart Motor Controller

Global Vision – YouTube Page

Global Vision NIST Calibration Cert return instructions

Global Vision GVI testing 3rd Party testing on the GVI flow meter

Holdrite – YouTube Page

Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Video

Holdrite Testrite

Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series Water Dam HFPWD3

Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series Telescoping Sleeve on Wood Deck #HFP P3

Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series Telescoping Sleeve on Metal Deck #HFP M3

Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series Plastic Closet Flange Sleeve HFP CF3PL

Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series Cast Iron Closet Flange Sleeve HFP CF3NH

Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series Aerator Adaptor Box HFPA3

Holdrite Testrite PVC Piping System Valve Stem Filling the Pipe System through the Valve Stem

Holdrite Hydroflame Product

Holdrite Proguard Product

Holdrite Quickstand Product

Holdrite Stout Bracket

Holdrite 117 Series

HydoFlame by Holdrite -Hydroflame Product

Holdrite Protect Property with 117 Series No Hub Fitting Restraints 

Holdrite Easy DWV Test System Install and Testing with TESTRITE  

Ideal Tape – Web Page

Ideal Tape- IdealSeal777

LG – YouTube Page

LG Duct-Free Split Systems What Is and How Does It Work?

LG Art Cool Gallery Airconditioner Picture Change

LG Art Cool Mirror Panel Kingersons

LG PTAC Air Conditioners, What’s a PTAC?

LG HVACLG air conditioning unit inverter technology

LG Air Conditioning: Features & Benefits

LG Product Maintenance

LG Air Conditioning: Remote Control

Link-Seal – YouTube Page

Link-Seal Available Now Online

Little Giant – YouTube Page

Little Giant Pumps Little Giant Sump Pump

Little Giant GP Series Grinder Pumps

Little Giant GP Series 2 HP Grinder Pump Demo

Little Giant Inline 400 Pressure Boosting System

Little Giant Pumps – Speedi Duct at AHR 2016

Little Giant Pumps – EC-1-DV at AHR 2016 

Little Giant Pumps- IGPH Series Grinder – WEFTEC 2015    

Little Giant Pumps-Pit+Plus – WEFTEC 2015 

Lloyd Industries – YouTube Page

Lloyd Industries Opening a Lloyd Industries Damper

Lucas Milhaupt – YouTube Page

Lucas Milhaupt Joining Brass to Copper with Braze™

Lucas Milhaupt Brazing Copper to Brass with Sil-Fos®

Marketair – Web Page

Marketair – Easybend

Marketair – Austiflex

Marketair – Pipe Prop

Marketair – Roughinbox

Marketair – Perfect Pitch

Marketair – Green Vacuum

McCrometer – YouTube Page

McCrometer – Listening to our Customers since 1955

McCrometer Next Generation Mag Meter

McCrometer FPI Mag Electromagnetic Flow Meter Product Manager Video

McCrometer V-Cone® Seeing is Believing

MidWest Tool & Cutlery Co. – YouTube Page

Midwest Tool & Cutlery : About us

Moen – YouTube Page

Moen Commercial The Design Process | Moen Thoughtful Design

Moen Kitchen Complements | Moen Thoughtful Design

Moen Showering Accessories | Moen Thoughtful Design

Moen using your hands to turn on the faucet is so 2015 

Noble Co. – YouTube Page

Noble Co. is excited to announce the ValueSeal

Noble Co. Noble Curb in Thin-Bed Shower

Noble Co. Curb in Full Mortar Bed Shower

Noble Co. Installing a Noble Niche in a Tile Shower

Noble Co. 7 Deadly Sins of Waterproofing – Noble Company

NobleCompany Seal TS Installation Video

Palmer Wahl – YouTube Page

Palmer Wahl Calibrating a Palmer Pressure Recorder

Palmer Wahl Replacing a Pre-Calibrated Pressure System in a Palmer Pressure Recorder 

Palmer Wahl Calibrating Palmer Bimetal Thermometers

Palmer Wahl Selecting a Wahl Digi-Stem Meter & Probe

Powers – YouTube Page

Presco – YouTube Page

Presco Marking Products and Engineered Films

Presco Mil Thickness Presco

Presco Custom Products

Pro1 Technologies – YouTube Page

PRO1 Thermostat Overview

PRO1 Why use PRO1 WiFi Thermostats a FYSIKS Product Review

Pro1 YouTube Ad

Pro1 T855i Wi-Fi Thermostat

Pro1 Android Commissioning For Pro1 T855i Wi-Fi Thermostat

Pro1 iphone Commissioning for the Pro1 T855i Wi-Fi Thermostat

Pro1 Wireless Zoning

Pro1 Wireless Zoning Component Install Tips

Pro1 iaq T631W-2 Installation Video

Quality Filters – YouTube Page

Quality Filters Inc Commitment to Quality ISO 9001:2008

Safe-T-Cover – YouTube Page

Safe-T-Cover Containment Backflow Preventer Installation: The Subterranean Vault

Safe-T-Cover Backflow Preventer Freeze Protection

Safe-T-Cover Sizing Guide Tutorial

Safe-T-Cover Failing RPZ Backflow Preventers

State – YouTube Page

State Water Heaters -Specifying Engineer Lunch and Learn 

State Water Heaters – State Light Service Video

State Water Heaters – Installing a NAECA III Insulation Blanket

State Water Heaters – The GreenSky Program: State 

State Water Heaters – State Xpert 

State Water Heaters – STATE Contractor Locator

State Water Heaters – State Power Vent

State Water Heaters – State Contractor Tools

State Water Heaters – Contractor Rewards: State

The Unico System – YouTube Page

The Unico System 

The Unico System Segment on Built To Last

The Unico System Module 1 – Features and Benefits of The Unico System

The Unico System Introduction to Unico Return Air

The Unico System How to check the airflow in CFMs

The Unico System Module 17 – Checklist and Commissioning

The Unico System Module 16 – Wiring the Indoor Units

The Unico System Module 15.2 – Installing the Outdoor Unit – Refrigerant

The Unico System Module 15.1 – Installing the Outdoor Unit – Wiring

The Unico System Module 1 – Features and Benefits of The Unico System

The Unico System Module 2 – Why the Unico System is Perfect for Your Project

The Unico System Module 3 – General Installation Procedure

The Unico System Module 4 – Preplanning

The Unico System Module 5 – Design and Layout

The Unico System Module 6 – Unico Equipment Choices

The Unico System videos here: Equipment selection guide, Installation Videos, For Contractors and media outlets

Tjerlund Products – YouTube Page

Tjernlund About Us Tjernlund Products

Tjernlund LB2 Dryer Duct Booster DEDPV Lint Test

Trerice – YouTube Page

Trerice: “It Just Works”

TRUaire – YouTube Page

TRUaire Easy Way to Increase Airflow from Your Floor Registers  

TRUaire How to Properly Measure Registers and Grilles | TRUaire 101

TRUaire Difference | Quality, Service, and Price

TRUaire Mod-Core Diffuser  

TRUaire Commercial T-bar Directional Diffuser – TRUaire 5400 Series

TRUaire Baseboard Diffuser Install

Watts – YouTube Page

The Watts Work Learning Center 

Watts ACV ACV presentation

Watts Blucher – Introducing BLÜCHER

Watts® Engineered Drainage Solutions

Watts Dead Level Trench Drain

Watts Parking Deck Drains

Watts Radiant

Watts Radiant- Watts Radiant® WarmWire® Intro

Watts Radiant® WarmWire® Installation

Watts Regulator-Watts Water Pressure Regulator Repair

Watts Water Technologies-We Are Watts Water Technologies

Watts TRITON™ Pipe Fusion vs. Socket Welding 

Introducing the OneFlow+

Watts OneFlow® at the National Gallery of Art

Wessels Company – YouTube Page

Wessels – How it Works: Smart Expansion Tank

Wessels -How it Works: Air and Dirt Separator

Western Enterprises – YouTube Page

Western Enterprises AccuTrol

Western Enterprises Flashback Arrestors

Xerxes – YouTube Page

Xerxes Water

Young Engineering – YouTube Page

Young Engineering & Manufacturing Inc.

Young Engineering About Young Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.